Biro Pusat Aktuaria

Biro Pusat Aktuaria

PT Sentra Jasa Aktuaria (known as “Biro Pusat Aktuaria (BPA)”) is a leading actuarial consulting firm in Indonesia. BPA started its operation since 2001 focusing on employee benefit consultation and actuarial valuation services. Throughout the journey, BPA has consistently proven its commitment to be independent in every single project and services to its numerous clients. In addition, BPA also known as trusted actuarial consulting firm in Indonesia.

BPA is committed to help and fulfill the needs of its business partners by providing comprehensive solutions to overcome business challenges. We prioritize to actively cooperate with business partners in accomplishing projects and engagements.

BPA continue to withstand its corporate values, particularly “Accountable” in every single business process. Actuarial deliverables are derived through comprehensive processes such as data validation and confirmations, independent valuations, and detailed review by Quality Assurance team. Prior to finalization, any deliverables shall have written consent from our credentialed Actuaries.

As the most Trusted actuarial consulting firm, BPA commits to preserve any confidential information received from our business partners.

Innovation for continuous improvement is appreciated at BPA. Ongoing transformation with its focus on people, ideas, and technology enhance broader spectrum of innovations which in turn promotes efficiencies in the business process, corporate management, and people development.

Our mission to become one stop solution service provider has become our most priority in delivering service excellence to our business partners. BPA has know optimize its major lines of services through its corporate networks to serve our business partners with Employee Benefits Consultation, Actuarial Services, Insurance Brokers, and Administration Services.

BPA promises our business partners that together we bring you to be the leading successful company, independently and trusted.

At BPA, we are committed to deliver an accurate, secure, and reliable analysis, solutions and service. It is performed by first identify, measure, analyze, and understand the existing and emerging potentials that may impact your business.

Our employee benefit valuation service will help you to define your required provision on employee benefits in your financials for current and/or forecasted figures. We confirm that our actuarial practice is done under the direction of credentialed actuaries, and in accordance with applicable regulations and appropriate standard of practice. We help you to ensure that your employee benefit provisions and accounting strategies are aligned with your business goals.

As a leading actuarial consulting firm in Indonesia, BPA always committed to act independently, and serve you with trusted service and results. We bring you talented professionals with deep subject matter expertise, both locally and globally.

Our insurance reserve valuation service will help insurers maintain an optimum reserving strategy. In return, insurers can have better insights in its risk management strategy and minimize potential risks that may arise due to the mismatches between assets and liabilities.

Our priority is to listen and understand what your needs and expectations. Our consultants and actuaries will balance the potential and risks of your employee benefit plans and programs. We bring you talented professionals you can trust to fulfill your needs and expectations.

Our employee benefit consultation service will guide you to identify alternatives and strategies that enable you to formulate win-win solutions between employees, managements, and shareholders. We provide deep expertise to help you design the most appropriate employee benefit plan for your business and employees.

We bring you practical issues and challenges to educate and empower targeted audiences. We believe our learning approach and methodologies will benefit our clients to improve their understanding in actuarial science, particularly in employee benefits valuations.

Greater understanding will change the behaviors that will benefit you as professionals and improve organizational efficiency. We support you to reach a greater understanding of two of the most important issues in our economy today: risk and people, through delivery of comprehensive learning curriculum.

With BPA, we offer to help you understand and identify the level of risk and potentials that may have adverse impact to your retirement plan. We promise you to have a professional standard of excellence, through delivery of reliable analysis, solutions and service.

Our pension fund valuation service analyzes your company’s objectives, employee population, and pension plan programs, to support you achieve your retirement planning goals. We help you minimize risks, exposures, and uncertainty to the retirement plan you provide to employees.

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